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Do you want our advice on how to proceed with garage door maintenance? Read our tips

Know your garage door’s specifics

According to our experts, it is important to take note of the specific details of your garage door such as the size, dimensions, and overall mechanism. Knowing how it works will help you maintain it properly and will help you be prepared for any problem that may arise while you are using it.

Have some spare parts ready

Avoid having to go back and forth the hardware store or wait for your order online by having some spare parts ready, such as springs and screws. If the garage door fails to work because of a missing part, it is not a good idea to leave it half open or stuck midway as you find a replacement part. Be prepared.

The power of the rolling code technology

Most modern models of garage door openers and remotes are embedded with rolling code technology (RCT) to prevent code grabbing by burglars and even others. If your door opener or remote don’t have such feature, you may consider purchasing a new unit. Our garage door repair Livingston experts can help you solve this matter.

Make your chain drive opener quieter with lubrication and vibration absorbing brackets

The chain requires annual lubrication just like the sections where the trolley gets into contact with the rail. Choose lubricant approved or recommended by the opener brand to be on the safe side. It should be suitable for the local climate too. You can also change the traditional mounting brackets for the motor unit with ones made to absorb the vibration which occurs when the opener runs.

Learn how to solve easy remote problems

Not all clicker problems are tricky or difficult to deal with. They are often related to the batteries, and replacement should solve the problem. If the remote doesn't work, try moving closing to the opener or reprogramming it. If nothing works and the overhead door moves when you press the wall button, contact Garage Door Repair Livingston for repair.

Don't let chips and damage to the paint go ignored

The paint work on the surface of your door protects it from decay. Whether you have a metal or wooden design, any little chips or damage to the paint work can expose the material to the elements and enable the development of more serious damage. Taking care of the panels is taking care of the door.

Stay safe around torsion springs

The thing that allows easy manual or opener-assisted operation of a garage door is the spring. If you have a torsion spring setup, Garage Door Repair Livingston advises that you don't fool around with it. The torsion spring is not something that do-it-yourselfers should fiddle with due to the great potential for injuries. If you want to replace a broken spring, get the professionals to do it safely.

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