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Garage Door Maintenance and Chemicals usage

Garage Door Maintenance and Chemicals usage
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Owners know that garage door maintenance is mandatory, but they often fail to do things properly and this can actually lead to serious problems. One of the most common mistakes is the use of the wrong chemicals for protection, cleaning and lubrication. Many owners do not take adequate measures for protecting their systems from dangerous chemicals used for other purposes. Ensure that you will avoid these issues by reading the information and advice shared here.

Adequate Protection and Care

Garage Door Maintenance and Chemicals usageYou should definitely paint the garage door panels right after installation. Annual repainting is essential as well. It is crucial to use a type of product recommended by the door's manufacturer. Steel panels are usually best protected with latex paint. Wood ones require specially formulated paint as well.

Cleaning products are undoubtedly the hardest to choose. You must ensure that they contain no corrosive substances whatsoever. It is best if you use household detergent for washing the panels. For the garage door tracks, you can use a car brake cleaner. When it comes to rust removers and solvents, you should opt for potent yet safe ones. Again, you should confirm that there are no corrosive ingredients.

You should be extra careful when selecting products for the cleaning of the garage floor and the driveway of your house. Many of them contain strong chemicals which can ruin the protective zinc coating of the bottom galvanized garage door parts and cause corrosion. You should use cleaning products which are completely safe and ensure that you rinse the surfaces thoroughly after using them.

There are hardly any unsafe lubricants for overhead door springs, hinges and rollers, but there are ones which work less effectively than others. It is best to follow the recommendations of the door manufacturer precisely when making a choice. In general, household oil is a fine choice. If you want something less messy and with good potency, you should consider a graphite-based product. The products using lithium also work to prevent freezing. That is why they are suitable for colder areas during the winter.

Finally, you should rinse the floor of your garage regularly in the winter months to prevent road salts from contacting the bottom hardware components as these chemical compounds can cause corrosion.

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